Nancy Lane


Nancy Lane specializes in illustrating the emotions of people and animals. Her primary medium is watercolor, but she is equally adept at oil, ink wash, and pencil.  She is able to work in varied styles. In addition to children’s books, she has contributed to several scientific and educational books. 

Her “Realistic” style works well for portraying detailed emotion in the faces of people and animals, intricate settings, and a variety of moods through use of light and shadow. Her realistic mediums include watercolor and oil.

Her “Asian” style features a flowing outline around fairly flat shapes, with muted, harmonious watercolors, creating a sense of simplicity, grace and serenity. 

Nancy has illustrated more than 24 picture books. Several of her books have received national awards from the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States, the Language Learner’s Literature Awards, and Moonbeam Childrens Books Awards. 

Clients include The Gryphon Press, McGraw Hill Education, Scholastic, Highlights Magazine, Oxford University Press, Mondo Publishing, Barron’s Educational Publishing, Sundance Publishing, The Benefactory, Pearson Learning, and others.

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