Ka Botzis


Ka Botzis works in watercolor to paint details of the natural world but also has the added ability to capture a humorous side of life. Her flexibility to work in multiple styles is an added bonus. Watercolor is the favored medium used to create colorful illustrations. At one time Ka worked for Carolina Biological Supply Company producing artwork for games, posters, filmstrips, Tips articles and teaching manuals. Ka has produced numerous illustrations for children’s books, posters, educational material, as well as postage stamps.

Clients include, The New Jersey State Aquarium, Intergovernmental Philatelic Corporation, Scholastic Inc., Harcourt Brace & Co. and Random House. Ka has exhibited her illustrations at the North Carolina Zoo, the Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC, and locally at the Graham Arts Council. Membership in the local chapter of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators keeps Ka informed and inspired to continue creating colorful illustrations.

Published books include:
Animal Ways (a series of 15 titles) by Benchmark Books
All About Eggs by Macmillan McGraw-Hill
Dinosaur Morning by Wright Group Publishing, Inc.
Run Bunny Run by Modern Curriculum Press
Bumbles by Scott Foresman
Animals in Danger by Troll Communications
Over in the Desert by Troll Communications

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